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Man Slashes Mom, Sets Fire to Bronx Apartment: NYPD



    NYPD: Man Slashes Mom, Sets Fire to Apartment

    Police say a Bronx woman was slashed by her own son, who then made good on his threat to set his home on fire. Checkey Beckford reports. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015)

    A domestic disturbance call in the Bronx quickly escalated into a hostage and arson situation in which responders came face to face with a knife-wielding man who allegedly set fire to the apartment, police say.

    Officers were responding to a call on the 13th floor of the Butler Houses high-rise in the Bronx when they were told an emotionally disturbed man was holding his mother hostage inside the apartment and had set fire, according to police.

    Neighbor Michelle Acantara said, "He was fighting with his family and told them he was going to set fire to everything and not going to let anyone go outside." 

    Firefighters arriving on the scene forced the door open, then encountered the knife-wielding man allegedly holding his mother hostage inside.

    Deputy Chief James Nichols said one firefighter had to restrain the man and take him into the hallway.

    Nine police officers and three firefighters had minor smoke inhalation injuries, but the man's mother had been slashed multiple times, according to police. 

    The suspect was brought out restrained on a stretcher. Two other men who identified themselves as the suspect's brother and cousin were placed in handcuffs when they interfered at the scene, police said. 

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