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Man Moves Apartment Using the Subway, Loses Friends



    Enlisting friends for a move usually tests the strength of your friendships, but hauling all your stuff across town on the subway can make them disappear altogether.

    Young Min, 24, packed up his belongings in Flushing, Queens, stuffed them into the 7 train, ferried them across the Times Square station, and dragged them into the 1 train to move them to his new residence on West 64th Street, according to Daily Intel.

    Min and two of his friends from his language school transported an air conditioner, collapsible double-rod closet, dishes (including serving platters and utensils), laptop, linen, quilts, books, clothes, picture frames, a soup cauldron, Korean medicine, condiments and a 40-pound bag of rice. There was one casualty in the move; his air conditioner broke midway to his new place.

    When it came time to moving his bed on the subway, no one returned his calls They even didn’t show up at their Kaplan class to avoid dealing with more of his stuff, Min told Intel.

    In the end, he had to leave a few items at home -- a TV and wooden dresser.

    “I do want my TV but it’s too hard,” Min told New York magazine. “I don’t want to go back. I can’t ask anyone else to help. They told everyone how hard it was and so there’s no one else to ask.”