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Magician Sets Cigarette Eating Record

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    Magician Sets Cigarette Eating Record
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    One way to quit? Eat all your smokes!

    A writer in Bushwick was brutally beaten with an umbrella after an admitted lapse in his street wits. [BushwickBK]

    Brooklyn Vegan has a great roundup of photos from Michael Jackson's 51st Birthday party in Prospect Park on Saturday. [Brooklyn Vegan]

    A Queens magician set a world record for "orally extinguishing, chewing and expelling" a carton of cigarettes, accomplishing the task in 6 minutes, 3.7 seconds. [1010 Wins]

    The high-end Chelsea seafood restaurant The John Dory couldn't keep its head above water and closed Saturday night. [Eater]

    A Brooklyn theater located next to a Trader Joe's is responding to an uptick in snack smugglers by checking bags, and "hassling people" carrying in doggie bags from other restaurants. [Brokelyn]

    More than 100 men and woman gathered yesterday for the 27th Annual Kingsboro Arm Wrestling Championships in Coney Island. [Upcoming]