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MTA's Acronym Angst Continues



    MTA's Acronym Angst Continues
    The subway station at 14th Street and 6th Avenue made the blogs buzz when, in the MTA's line consolidation, its signs changed to read "F M L." Today, July 12, the MTA tried to fix the signs and left a few errors in their wake.

    Frustrated with the recent changes to the subway lines? New evidence suggests that the MTA might share your pain.

    When the M line absorbed most of the now-eliminated V line, the 14th Street and 6th Avenue station's sign was changed to read "FML," an internet meme and acronym which we aren't allowed to spell out for you. 

    The MTA had promised to fix the signs, saying they would only need to rearrange the stickers.

    However, someone at the MTA maybe saying "FML" today as two of the changed signs are wrong.  One of the station's L-platform signs now reads "L M M." Another sign in the station reads "L F F," when it should read "1 2 3," according to the Gothamist.

    The other signs in the station have been properly fixed, however, and now read "L F M."  Does that stand for "Love the FML Mayhem?"