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Scam Artist Preyed On Rich Women: DA

One victim gave $115,000



    Scam Artist Preyed On Rich Women: DA
    Westchester County DA Office
    Solomon Nasser, 57, of Westchester is accused of scamming women he met on the Internet out of hundreds of thousands of dollards.

    A Westchester man low on looks and high on lies is accused of  tricking women he met on Internet dating sites into giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Solomon Jesus Nasser, 57, of Ardsley, trolled  websites between 2005 and 2008, winning over women with tall tales that made him sound wealthy and important, according to prosecutors.

    Nasser variously claimed he was an adviser to President George W. Bush, had been an Admiral in the US Navy, worked for the CIA, and owned a jet, investigators said. Once he met the women he would allegedly explain that, due to a contentious child support battle with his ex-wife and therefore the court had frozen his accounts, leaving him with barely had enough money for daily expenses.

    Nasser convinced one victim to loan him close to $115,000 in cash and credit card purchases, prosecutors said.  He also failed to pay New York State Taxes with interest and penalties of over $17,000, officials said.    

    The Westchester District Attorney's office began investigating Nasser in April 2009 after a complaint was filed.  He was jailed after being arraigned Thursday on charges of larceny, fraud, and tax crimes.