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Wedding Dress, Veil Found in NJ Parking Lot



    The store owners who found the gown in a Lodi, N.J. parking lot are now hoping to reunite it with its owner. News 4's Jonathan Vigliotti reports. (Published Friday, Jan. 11, 2013)

    When a wedding dress mysteriously turned up in the parking lot of a New Jersey party supply store on Dec. 30, the owners of the business were suspicious at first. 

    "It was a Sunday morning, around 8 a.m., and right smack in the middle of this parking lot was this big white bag," said Steven Weil, who co-owns the Party Box store in Lodi, N.J. along with his wife, Bena. 

    They opened the bag to find an ornate white wedding dress and a veil, along with a few other items Weil won't disclose as part of her ongoing search effort. 

    "It's an expensive dress," Bena Weil said. "I'm sure she wants it back." 

    It certainly appears the dress was worn for the ceremony. 

    "It's dirty. It looks like a little bit of the cocktail party landed here, and maybe the main course over here," said Bena as she pointed to different parts of the dress.

    What happened after the celebration still has the couple of 30 years puzzled.

    "Of course there's all the jokes -- the wedding didn't last, the morning after, they decided they made a bad decision," said Bena. 

    But Bena maintained: "I can't go there. I'm the positive thinker. It's warm and fuzzy, marriage is supposed to last forever." 

    Even if the dress was discarded on purpose, the Weils want to know. Bena says in the worst case scenario, she'll donate it. The way she sees it, a dress this nice deserves a second chance.

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