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Peruvian Court Upholds Parole for Lori Berenson



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    Lori Berenson listens to the proceedings March 27, 2001 during her trial in Lima, Peru. Berenson is accused of collaborating with the guerrilla movement M.R.T.A. (Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement).

    A Peruvian appeals court has rejected prosecutor's attempt to return to prison U.S. activist Lori Berenson, who was paroled in May after serving 15 years for aiding leftist rebels.

    The three-judge panel rejected the prosecutor's arguments that, as someone convicted of helping terrorists, she should not have been eligible to shave off time from her 20-year sentence by working and studying.        
    Berenson says the court's decision is not subject to appeal.
    The New Yorker tells The Associated Press she is "greatly relieved'' and grateful.
    Although dated Jan. 18, she said she only received the decison Monday.
    Berenson gave birth to a son 20 months ago. Had she been forced to return to prison he could not have stayed with her once he reached age 3.