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Local Politician Takes Four Loko Challenge

Downs 2 1/2 cans before ... well, you know ...



    Four Loko Challenge

    Local politician takes the Four Loko Challenge (Published Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010)

    Since Four Loko came on the market late last year, BrooklynAssemblyman Felix Ortiz has been working to get it taken off the shelves.

    Now, he's putting his words in action -- graciously offering to be the test subject by guzzling as much of the controversial drink as he can in one hour.

    As the hour goes, the Assemblyman's pulse shoots up and his blood pressure slows as the alcohol, a depressant starts to take hold.

    Sixty minutes later, two and 1/2 cans in, the equivalent of three large cups of coffee caffeine, Ortiz is intoxicated. His pulse is up to 86 beats per minute and his blood pressure is 126 over 84.

    At this point we have to stop filming as Ortiz begins vomiting.