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Lesbian Former Cop Suing NYPD



    Lesbian Former Cop Suing NYPD
    Golston-Green says her NYPD boss "made it impossible for my dream to continue."

    A retired lesbian NYPD detective is suing the NYPD for $40 million.

    In her suit, Arlene Ramery says the 49th Precinct in the Bronx was rife “ frat boy type behavior,”  the Daily News reports.
    The suit, filed in Bronx Supreme Court, describes an atmosphere “permeated with sexism.”
    She describes the lunch area to allegedly be “filled with magazines depicting scantily clad women for the male detectives’ sexual gratification,” the suit says.
    Ramery, 50, told the Daily News that she was “useless [and] worthless. They didn’t want me there.”
    She said she felt betrayed by the NYPD because she was “a hell of a good cop.”
    Problems allegedly started in early 2008 when she was injured while responding to a robbery. Former colleague Detective Ralph Argiento allegedly told Ramery that she “will not be given any more cases” and simulated masturbating in front of her two weeks later, according to the suit
    Argiento denied the allegations to the Daily News and countered with the claim that Ramery habitually missed work and would ogle female prisoners during perp walks. Argiento described the behavior to be uncomfortable to the males.
    According to the Daily News,Lt. Ricardo Lopez is also named in the suit for allegedly condoning Argiento’s behavior.
    Both he and the NYPD had no comment.