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Queens Landlady Beaten, Kidnapped by Tenant: D.A.



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    Don't count out a loving husband, even if he's 7,000 miles away.

    She was beaten bloody, gagged and kidnapped, a prisoner in her own home.

    But Corona landlady Yun Zhong Sun luckily has the kind of husband who really cares about her  -- all the way from China.

    Sun, 43, had called her husband in China to say that she was going to try and collect the rent from a tenant short on cash Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

    When she arrived at tenant Jasuli Abdimutel's door, he had only $340.  As Sun sat down to write him a receipt, he suddenly began smashing her with a metal pipe, breaking bones in her face, causing cerebral hemorrhaging, and bleeding from her left ear, prosecutors said. 

    Abdimutel then allegedly threw her on the floor and stuffed a sock in her mouth when she tried to scream, officials said.

    She begged him for water and asked if she was going to die: "If you die what will happen to me? I'll let you go when it's dark," he reportedly snapped back.  He swiped her two cell phones and took her cash, police said.

    After almost seven hours as his prisoner, her eyes swollen shut, her right arm broken, the police showed up at Sun's home on 103rd Street.


    Her husband had shared with worries with Chinese authorities after not hearing from Sun all afternoon. Then Chinese officials were able to get his message relayed to the NYPD and two officers from the 115h precinct saw Abdimutel at the top of a staircase.

    He blurted out "She's not hurt!" but when the officers asked whom he meant, the answer was "Nobody."

    They arrested Abdimutel and rescued Sun, who was treated for her injuries. 

    Prosecutors charged the man with kidnapping, robbery, assault unlawful imprisonment, possession of stolen property and a weapon.

    Queens District Attorney Richard Browne promised to throw the book at the terrifying tenant.

     "She was assaulted and left to lie on the floor with broken bones for a number of hours," said Brown. " This case will be prosecuted vigorously to ensure that justice is served."