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Labor Day, Indeed: Baby Born in Back of Taxi

The baby was "ready to go" one officer said



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    The mother and baby are in stable condition after the Labor Day livery cab birth.

    Working Labor Day weekend has taken on a new meaning  police officers who helped deliver a baby girl in a livery cab.
    The cab was heading to a Manhattan hospital when the driver flagged down Officers Justin Naimoli and Theodore Plevritis around 6 a.m. Naimoli says they could see "this baby was ready to go."

         Naimoli radioed for help and trained his flashlight on the 31-year-old mother while Plevritis drew on memories of a police academy training video to deliver the baby. She was born within five minutes with her father looking on beside the car.
    The mother and baby are hospitalized in stable condition.
    Both officers have been on the force for three years.