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L.I. Pediatrician Arrested for Secretly Recording Young Patients

Prosecutors looking for more victims to come forward



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    Rakesh Punn

    Prosecutors say a 52-year-old pediatrician made secret video recordings of young female patients after having them get naked in his office.

    The Nassau County district attorney says Dr. Rakesh Punn of Bethpage was arrested Friday on charges including child pornography and unlawful surveillance.

    Punn is accused of recording at least five women and girls as young as 11 since 2007.

    “He victimized these trusting, young girls in the worse way imaginable,”  Nassau DA Kathleen Rice said. “The long term damage he has caused to untold numbers of patients is still yet to be seen. This is a horrifying case of betrayal by a medical professional. I strongly encourage anyone who feels they may have been a victim of Dr. Punn to contact the Nassau County Police Department immediately.”

    Rice said that Punn would get video footage in two different manners. First, he would have them get naked, lie on the examining table, and then covering their eyes with gauze and a blindfold, he would videotape his sexual contact with them. Investigators say that Punn touched and manipulated the girl’s genitals.

    In other instances, he would have the girl stand in his office, while a small digital camera hidden among objects on his desk recorded video. Punn would then have the girl expose her breasts in various positions while being taped.

    Defense attorney Nicholas Marino denied the allegations.

    The district attorney's office said police found a forged passport and a large amount of cash at Punn's home.

    Rice is asking anyone who believes that they might have been a victim of Dr. Punn to contact the NCPD’s Special Victim’s Unit at (516) 573-7960.