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L.I. Man Zapped With Cop Taser Dies

Police were investigating the early morning death



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    Darryl Bain

    A man who had locked himself and his elderly mother in her home died on Saturday after he tussled with police officers and was zapped with a stun gun twice, authorities said.

    Police were investigating the early morning death of Darryl Bain, 43, at the home in Coram, about 50 miles east of New York City.     
    Bain's brother called 911 alleging that Bain was high on cocaine and had shut himself in the house with their 78-year-old mother, police said. Bain's brother and mother had orders of protection against him, police said.
    Three officers responding to the brother's call heard a struggle inside, entered and confronted Bain, who was acting aggressively, Suffolk County Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick told Newsday in Saturday editions. The officers ordered Bain to surrender, but he refused, and he was shot with a Taser, police said.
    Bain fell to a seated position but continued to struggle as the officers handcuffed him, kicking them as they again used the Taser and their batons, Fitzpatrick said. Bain stopped breathing while officers waited for a supervisor to arrive with leg restraints.
    After an attempt to revive him, he was transported to a hospital in nearby Port Jefferson, where he was pronounced dead.
    The county medical examiner's office will determine his cause of death. Toxicology tests will be performed to determine if he had taken any drugs, police said.

    Bain's mother told the The Daily News her son was not posing any threat and didn't need to be stunned with a Taser, said Phyllis Hawkins/

    "I was just trying to get him to get his hands off the door," Hawkins, 78, said.