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Kevorkian Suicide Machine Up for Auction in NYC



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    Dr. Jack Kevorkian

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian's assisted suicide machine is among his personal effects being auctioned in New York City later this month.      

    More than 140 items will be sold Oct. 28 at the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan. They also include his paintings, a bullet proof vest and his master lock from prison.      

    Kevorkian used the machine -- called a Thanatron -- to assist in the deaths of about 130 people.      

    He was convicted of second-degree murder and served eight years in prison.      

    The items are being sold by his niece, Ava Janus, of Troy, Mich.    
    Some written material is being donated to the University of Michigan.      
    David Streets, the art appraiser coordinating the auction, says everything will be sold without estimates.      

    Kevorkian died in June at age 83.