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Kerik Gets Pumped

Ex-top cop gets ripped ahead of jail time



    Kerik Gets Pumped
    Look at that bod.

    Bernie is ripped. Stuck at home and prepping to serve hard time, disgraced former police commissioner Bernard Kerik is working out – big time.

    That's because he's got nothing better to do than sit at home and lift weights. New York's former top cop, who's been under house arrest since his conviction, now looks like a bona fide macho man.

    Kerik traded in his donut-induced rolls and corpulent frame for a lean and buff look that will no doubt serve him well during his nearly three years in jail.

    The former jail warden, who now lists "working out" among his favorite activities on his Facebook page, posted a slew of new, ripped photos of him yesterday, according to The New York Post

    One source close to Kerik told the Post that he's been working out a lot as a means of passing the time. He's also crafting a tough-guy image (note the sword behind him in the above photo), perhaps to warn off anyone who may want to give him trouble during his upcoming stint in the big house.

    Kerik was released on $975,000 bond and $500,000 bail after he pleaded guilty to eight felonies in October. The judge said he must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle and stay confined within his Franklin Lakes, N.J., home.

    The ex-top cop's lawyer didn't comment on the Post's questions about his client's new bod. Kerik faces between two and three years in jail when he returns to court on Feb. 18.