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Karaoke Beatdown Suspects Bounced from Court



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    From left, top row: Danielle Swanson, Chaniel McRae, Kiana Strickland. From left, bottom row: Martisa Chambers, Michelle Rosedom, Deja Hines.

    In September, they allegedly beat up another woman because they found her karaoke annoying.

    This week, the six Connecticut women accused of assaulting the singer apparently did something to offend court officials because they were kicked out of court for behaving badly on Wednesday.

    The attack on Leidy Alcantara, 25, of Port Chester, N.Y., happened on the night of Sept. 23 when she was singing a Spanish song at Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery and Cafe in Stamford, Conn., cops said.

    It's not clear if the attack was prompted by Alcantara's voice or the song she chose -- "A Dios Le Pido" by Colombian singer Juanes. She did admit it was her first time doing karaoke.

    A Judicial Branch report says the women refused to stand in court when ordered and disrupted others in the halls by playing music, taking pictures with a cell phone against courthouse rules and being belligerent to the  marshals.

    Michelle Rosedom, Kiana Strickland, Martisa Chambers, Danielle Swanson, Chaniel McRae and Deja Hines were charged with third-degree assault, conspiracy to commit third-degree assault and breach of peace.

    They were supposed to face a judge on assault charges on Wednesday but they were told to return to court Dec. 22.