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Jurors Examine Video in Trial of Officer Accused of Cyclist "Body Check"



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    The unprovoked body-check was caught on video and published to YouTube, spelling the end of a short career for the NYPD officer.

    A Times Square tourist's amateur video is in the spotlight at the trial of a former police officer accused of assaulting a bike-riding activist and lying about it.

    The video jurors saw Monday has drawn more than 2 million online views since it was shot in July 2008. It shows ex-officer Patrick Pogan striding toward a participant in a pro-cycling demonstration and shoving the rider off his bike.

     The video was posted online on YouTube.


    The case -- set to begin on Monday -- spotlights the growing prevalence of witness and surveillance video in law enforcement in an era of YouTube and cell-phone cameras. But the trial likely will also raise questions about whether such videos show the full picture.

    Prosecutors say Pogan recklessly attacked the cyclist and accuse the officer of trying to conceal his actions by reporting that the demonstrator ignored orders to stop and rammed him.

    Defense lawyer Stuart London says the rookie officer just acted on instructions to stop the demonstrators if they broke traffic rules.

    London also says a supervisor wrote the disputed report for Pogan.

    Pogan has pleaded not guilty to charges including assault and falsifying business records.