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"Junior" Could Face Menacing Charges Over Court Outburst: Report

Mobster flipped out on prosecution's key witness



    "Junior" Could Face Menacing Charges Over Court Outburst: Report
    Junior's not smiling much these days, according to his lawyers.

    It would do John "Junior" Gotti well to keep his mouth shut, especially in court. The mobster, on trial for racketeering charges for the first time, cursed out the prosecution's star witness in a fit of anger over testimony about an alleged mob killing in the 1980s.

    In addition to Junior's murder and racketeering charges, he could now face charges for allegedly threatening John Alite after his outburst, according to a published report.

    Alite was leaving the witness box to go to lunch, having just testified that he had no involvement in the murder of a 25-year-old woman, when Junior let loose.

    "Did I kill little girls? You're a punk. You're a dog," Gotti shrieked.

    Then Alite, on his way out of the courtroom, allegedly instigated matters by asking the gangster, "You got something to say to me?" according to The New York Post.

    A prosecutor reportedly told the judge that Gotti incited the whole incident by mouthing the words "I'll kill you" to Alite, reports the Post. The prosecutor was relaying information initially reported by a marshal with the witness-protection program who was standing near Alite, according to the paper.

    The mob rat later told the judge that Junior "lipped" the warning, saying "We're gonna kill you," reports the Post.

    The allegations could be enough to indict Gotti for witness intimidation and obstruction of justice, but it wasn't immediately clear if those charges would be filed, the paper reports.

    Besides, it's not clear if filing those charges would make much of a difference, former mob prosecutor William Aronwald told the Post. If Gotti gets acquitted, filing the additional charges would make the prosecution look like sore losers. And if he's convicted of murder and racketeering, there'd be so many years heaped onto his sentence that the extra charges wouldn't matter.

    Gotti attorney Charles Carnesi refuted allegations that his client menaced Alite, and said that Alite prompted the outburst by taunting Gotti, reports the Post.

    Yesterday wasn't the first time Gotti allegedly threatened someone in court. No doubt that's why a whole bunch of jurors assigned to the case wanted out.