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Judge to Giuliani Jeerer: Stay Away From Rudy

Hamptons shouting match leads to courtroom



    Judge to Giuliani Jeerer: Stay Away From Rudy
    A judge sided with Rudy Guiliani when he ordered a filmmaker to stay away from the former mayor after a shouting match over the weekend.

    A judge has issued an order of protection instructing a Long Island filmmaker to stay away from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife after a Hamptons shouting match over the holiday weekend.

    John McCluskey was given the order this afternoon when he was arraigned on a charge of second-degree harassment. McCluskey, who pleaded not guilty, was arrested last weekend after confronting Giuliani and his wife Judith Nathan on a street outside a tony Bridgehampton cafe.

    McCluskey concedes he told the mayor he was not a fan, but denies that any physical contact ever took place. In fact, he turned the blame around and told the New York Post it was the former mayor who "flew into a rage in the middle of the street, using the foulest of language, and threatened to kick my ass."

    He added that the order of protection was not necessary because he has no intentions of ever seeing Giuliani again.

    "I told him what I thought of him, which is my right," McCluskey told the Daily News on Monday. "He tortured me for two years in his role as a prosecutor ... He also knows I'm on to him on 9/11. His reaction was that he would have me arrested to discredit me."

    McCluskey, who owns Arden Films and Arden Communications, said he was working on a documentary about how the mayor bungled the response to 9/11.

    The ex-mayor and his wife have a home on eastern Long Island and have become frequent guests at social functions there in recent years.