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Jones Beach Whale May Have Been Killed by Boat



    Chopper 4 captures the scene after a massive whale washes ashore on Long Island's Jones Beach. (Published Thursday, June 10, 2010)

    Officials say the beached whale that washed ashore on Jones Beach yesterday may have died after being hit by boat.

    Early results from today's necropsy found blunt force trauma on the humpback whale -- possibly from a vessel.

    The whale is 30-feet long and weighs about 20 tons, according to marine researchers from the non-profit, Riverhead Foundation. It is believed to be a juvenile male, about two to three-years-old.

    But the decomposition of the whale is making it harder for officials to determine an exact cause of death.

    The full necropsy was expected to be completed by Friday evening.

    It was unclear how officials would remove the whale. This is how a dead whale was handled in Oregon in the 70s, lets hope Jones Beach officials don't do the same thing: