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Jury Convicts Mob Enforcer

John Burke failed to convince jurors that he had quit the mob



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    A reputed wiseguy has failed to convince a jury that he quit the mob.

    John Burke was found guilty on Friday of racketeering conspiracy charges.

    Attorneys for the one-time Gambino crime family associate claimed he gave up his life of crime in 2003. Prosecutors had to prove that he was part of a decades-long conspiracy that lasted until 2008.

    John "Junior" Gotti had used a similar defense with success at four trials during the 2000s. Each time, a jury deadlocked on charges against the son of the legendary Mafia boss.

    Prosecutors alleged the 51-year-old Burke earned a reputation as an enforcer for by participating in two gangland hits in the 1990s. He faces a possible life term at sentencing on Oct. 25.