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Mysterious Substance Found in Jell-O Pudding Packages

There's always room for... aquarium sand?



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    What's in your pudding?

    This is not the pudding Bill Cosby made famous.

    Packages of Jell-O brand pudding were tampered with in at least four separate incidents on Long Island, according to police in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

    The exact stores where the pudding was discovered have not been identified but police confirmed that one was in Woodbury.

    Four tainted packages have been discovered over the past two days.

    The JELL-O Mystery

    [NY] The JELL-O Mystery
    Police say boxes of JELL-O have been tampered with in Nassau and Suffolk county supermarkets. Find out more.
    (Published Friday, March 26, 2010)

    In each case, police said, the pudding mix was emptied from the boxes and then replaced with another substance. Early tests indicated that it may have been aquarium sand, police said.

    The repackaged boxes were later returned to the stores -- and cops say they may have been exchanged for a refund and then restocked on the shelves.

    Preliminary lab tests indicate the substance poses no danger to the public, say police.

    Investigators have warned the public to exercise caution  with any food package which appears to have been opened.