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Security Breach at JFK Causes Delays

An individual who had been flagged by TSA agents got through security without being properly screened.



    Security Breach at JFK Causes Delays
    Long lines form at JFK as passengers waited to be re-screened.

    Police are looking for a person who got through security at John F. Kennedy International Airport without being properly screened.

    The individual had been flagged by Transportation Security Administration agents for an unknown reason.

    A Port Authority spokesman said the TSA asked the passenger to stand aside for a secondary screening, but the passenger walked away.

    Authorities are now looking for the person and are re-screening all passengers at Terminal 7. Massive lines built up at the checkpoints as the re-screening began.

    It wasn't immediately known where the flagged passenger was headed.

    TSA said the incident happened at about 5:20 a.m.

    "In an abundance of caution, a decision was made to clear the terminal and re-screen passengers and sweep the area," TSA spokesman Kawika Riley said in a statement. "At approximately 7:30 a.m., the terminal was cleared, and normal checkpoint screening resumed."