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It's Pigeons Versus Falcons in Brooklyn These Days

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    Al Pacino's shooting wintry scenes from his upcoming film "You Don't Know Jack" around Avenue U and Nostrand Avenue in Bklyn. [Sheepshead Bites]

    Rumors abound that Icelandic princess Bjork might be moving into a highrise in Brooklyn Heights with her husband Matthew Barney. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

    Poor Oliver Koppell. On the City Councilman's "glossy new campaign pamphlet," someone left out the letter "L"! That's Koppell with two L's, voters! [Bronx News Network]

    JetBlue is letting Bermuda-bound passengers from JFK and Boston postpone their flights at no extra charge, due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding the Category 4 Hurricane Bill. [Crain's]

    Pigeon-on-falcon crime is getting out of control in Greenpoint, as today Gothamist got reports of a gang of pigeons beat up a baby falcon. He was momentarily saved by a concerned citizen only to later escape into the bushes. Sleep tight, falcons. [Gothamist]

    Enjoy this stinky collection of "clean up your dog's poo" street signs, compliments of the expert in the field. [New York Sh!tty]

    A long-shelved Rolling Stones rockumentary surfaced on YouTube today, and features all sorts of great rock star-type shenanigans. [Flavorwire]

    Fans of the childhood board game Candyland played a massive version of the game down the famously curvy Lombard Street in San Francisco. [BuzzFeed]