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Innocent Man Gets Ready To Go Home



    Innocent Man Gets Ready To Go Home
    Fernando Bermudez spent 18 years behind bars for a crime a judge says he did not commit. Now, he's on the verge of going home.

    One week ago, his family clinked champagne glasses to toast his overturned conviction.

    Now, Fernando Bermudez is getting ready to join his loved ones in celebration.

    The Inwood, Manhattan man found out late Thursday that he's getting out of prison as soon as tomorrow. He's been serving time at Sing Sing for the 1991 murder of teenager Raymond Blount.

    But last week, a judge ruled that Bermudez was innocent of the crime. Authorities kept him locked up, though, because of an old sentence for a drug conviction that wouldn't automatically count as time served.

    But on Thursday a federal judge in White Plains ordered Bermudez released.

    His attorney, Barry Pollack, told NBC New York, "I hope as soon as tomorrow, but do not yet know for sure."