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Improv Everywhere Strikes Back

Reenacts famous Sci-fi scene on subway train.



    Improv Everywhere Strikes Back
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    This is not the subway car you are looking for.

    The Improv Everywhere pranksters have struck again, and this time they've taken the subway to a galaxy far, far away.

    The Improv Everywhere gang was last seen painting "tourist" lanes in Midtown, busting ghosts in the New York Public Library, and riding the subway half naked.

    The comedy troupe’s latest prank took was homage to George Lucas’s space opera Star Wars: IV A New Hope.  The group picked one of the new subway cars on the 6-train line because if its resemblance to the rebel ship that housed the rebellious Princess Leia.

    The prank began when Cody Lindquist, dressed as Princess Leia Entered the train. Sitting down and enjoying her copy of “Galactic Rebellion for Dummies” she rode the train until a small legion of storm troopers entered the 6 train.

    Their latest posted video shows New Yorkers were surprised and amused by the presence of the black leotard and plastic encased Patrick Cassels, Brian Murphy and Josh Ruben. In true New York fashion riders quickly began snapping photos and enjoying the small recreation of the classic scene.

    Many thought the prank was over with Leia’s  but the next stop had another surprise. The Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader made a resounding entrance onto the train.

    The crowd laughed and snapped away at the scene, which played out. Vader approached the Princess who like her movie counterpart delivered her lines with the same panache that Carrie Fisher did in 1977.

    The surprised New Yorkers caught one last glimpse of the troupe as it exited the train and escorted Leia through the subway tunnel.

    You can see the entire prank from beginning to end below: