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How Rude! MTA Orders Subway Etiquette Campaign Removed



    Fake Subway Etiquette Signs

    One man's crusade to improve etiquette on the subway gets him fined. (Published Friday, April 23, 2010)

    A Manhattan graphic designer who put up signs to stop bad subway etiquette has been told to take them down.

    Jason Shelowitz has been posting service advisory signs in subway stations calling out the most disgusting habits.

    Copying the style of MTA's official subway advisories, the yellow, red and black signs discuss themes like "hygiene," "noise pollution," "garbage," "eating," and nail clippings."  An NYC transit spokesman said Thursday that it's against the rules to post signs in the subway stations system. The fine is $25.

    Shelowitz interviewed 100 friends and riders to pinpoint the 10 most revolting subway behaviors and though the signs are incredibly amusing, the advice seems fairly obvious.

    One sign reads: "Keep your hands to yourself, perv.'' It is signed by the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority.  Nail Clippings states:"Under no circumstances is the Subway the right place for this."

    Entering Trains: "Please allow passengers to exit the Subway car before you push your way in. It's common courtesy."  Indeed.

    Is your pet peeve eating?  Here's the rule: "If you must eat on the Subway, avoid foods that are messy, smelly, or otherwise disruptive to other passengers.  No on wants to smell you food or grab a pole and get BBQ sauce on their hand. It's a train, not the food court.".

    You can check out all the posters here since you might not get to see them in person.