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Hospital Sign in Queens Says it All

Elmhurst or "I'm hurt?"



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    Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times
    Burned out neon sign at Elmhurst Hospital, 79-01 Broadway, in Queens, that says IMHURT.

    From the New York Times' photo desk we were given one of the best broken-sign pictures we've seen in a long time.

    The Gray Lady points out that the marquee at Elmhurst Hospital on Broadway in Queens, where the letter's E and S have fizzed out.

    The resulting effect is the sign seems to say "Im hurt" -- perfect for an emergency and trauma center.

    Benjamin Scherler, signaled the Times about the fateful lettering. The 41-year-old Jackson Heights resident said he was walking home Sunday night when he saw the signage and was so taken that he took a snapshot.

    "I think I'm going to start referring to it as the 'Wheel of Fortune' hospital," he told the paper.

    When shown the photo, hospital spokesman Dario Centorcelli told/asked the Times, "Oh, God, are we going to get this fixed?"

    NYT reporter Jennifer 8. Lee posited that the change could have been a "result of karmic energy emanating from the emergency room, or the purposeful sabotage of a emergency room patient who was tired of waiting."

    But Centorcelli said he didn't believe it was anything more than a couple of bulbs going out.

    We tend to think along Lee's lines.