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Hooters SWAT Team Captain Fired by Hoboken PD



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    Lt. Anthony Angelo Andriani of the Hoboken Police Department, poses with waitresses at a Hooters restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in February 2006. Those were department guns.

    The long suspension of Hoboken, N.J. SWAT Team Lieutenant Anthony Andriani is finally over.

    He became famous, or infamous, for letting several waitresses from a Hooters restaurant in Alabama pose for pictures with his team and their assault weapons while traveling to New Orleans on a post-Katrina humanitarian mission.

    Now, he's been fired according to Hoboken City Hall spokesman Juan Melli.

     "It's effective Monday, May 10th," said Melli, who couldn't provide any other details.

    Andriani's PR problems didn't end with that fateful trip past Hooters, after which he was suspended with pay.

    On that same trip, he was accused of poking holes in a white napkin and donning it as though he belonged to the Ku Klux Klan.

    A lawsuit filed by several fellow officers, all Hispanic, accused him of being a white supremacist and, according to reports, forced them to do manual labor at his home.

    Just this past January, he was detained by police at the Tampa International Airport for allegedly flashing an outdated police badge.

    The Hudson Reporter quotes Corporation Counsel Michael Kates as saying the administrative hearing process is still continuing, despite Lt. Andriani's termination as of Monday and that he can appeal his firing to the state.

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