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Homeless Man: "I Had an Affair" With Tiger Woods

Everyone -- EVERYONE -- is trying to cash in on golfer's name



    Homeless Man: "I Had an Affair" With Tiger Woods
    Only in New York.

    Tiger Woods' popularity may be plunging, but at least some are still cashing in on the No. 1 golfer's name -- including homeless men.

    More than half a dozen women have so fair laid claim to bedding the golfing great, and now another individual has alleged he had an affair with the legend.

    A New York-based media consultant who has a Vimeo account under the name "The Offside Rules" captured this video of a local bum leaning against a storefront gate holding a cardboard sign on his lap that reads, "I had an affair with Tiger Woods."

    Below, the sign says, in smaller lettering, "Now look where I'm at."

    Homeless man has affair with Tiger Woods from The Offside Rules on Vimeo.

    The videographer, who identifies himself as SF, says he was walking across 38th Street last week when he saw the man, who has not been identified, and his sign.

    "The second he saw me pull out my camera he closed up his sign with a quickness, like I had caught him doing something illegal," SF told NBCNewYork.com.

    SF says he gave the man whatever change he had in his pocket at the time -- maybe $.50 or $.60 -- but the man wanted at least a dollar to reflash the sign. SF said to keep the change and went on his way.

    "While I certainly don't think being homeless is funny, I do find it sad/amusing that not only are the [alleged] mistresses, Elin (alleged to be renegotiating a higher paying pre-nup), street vendors (there are already "I Slept with Tiger Woods" & "Tiger Does It With His Wood" shirts for sale in the Village) ... trying to cash in ... [but so is] anyone with access to a Sharpie and a piece of cardboard," SF said.

    Woods, who has never admitted to any infidelity, provided a mea culpa last week for unspecified "transgressions" against his family.

    For more on SF's experience, check out his blog.