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Brooklyn Woman Gives Birth Outside Holland Tunnel

The baby girl and mom are in good condition at Jersey City Medical Center



    Brooklyn Woman Gives Birth Outside Holland Tunnel
    Kai Tang, Ying Chen and her baby girl, pose with Port Authority Police Officers Catherine Prior and Matthew Smith.

    A Brooklyn woman gave birth just outside the New Jersey entrance to the Holland Tunnel Monday morning, and Port Authority police officers helped deliver the baby girl.

    Ying Chen was in labor when two officers approached her Nissan, which was pulled over on the side of road at 6:45 a.m.

    Chen and Kai Tang were driving back from Philadelphia to their home in Brooklyn, en route to see a local doctor, when the baby couldn't wait any longer.

    Chen, who was 38 weeks pregnant, told NBC 4 New York through a translator the contractions had set in quickly.

    "I was so worried if I could make it to the hospital," she said. 

    The officers gave Chen first aid and called for an ambulance.

    A third officer then used an obstetrical kit kept near the tunnel entrance to help deliver the baby, clamping the umbilical chord and safeguarding the placenta.  

    An ambulance took the baby girl, Chen and Tang to Jersey City Medical Center. The mother and child are in good condition.  

    As for the baby's name, it will be Holly, an abbreviated tribute to the Holland Tunnel.

    Ida Siegal contributed to this report. 

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