Holiday Weekend Puts Seaside Police Into Overdrive - NBC New York

Holiday Weekend Puts Seaside Police Into Overdrive

Police out in force during Memorial Day weekend.



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    Police were busy in the beach community of Seaside Heights over the Memorial Day weekend.

    Hot weather, alcohol and the end of the Memorial Day weekend combined to keep the Seaside Heights Police Department working overtime this holiday.

    Police chief Tommy Boyd told NBC New York he's been facing a "mini-New Orleans" all day, then added, "We got fights all over the place."

    But the chief calls it typical Memorial Day fighting, with too much hot weather and too much drinking.

    He says he had a report of somebody cut with a bottle, but said the injury was not serious.

    Nothing was serious enough to call in any outside help, but he admitted he has been working around the clock instead of sitting at home enjoying a backyard barbecue.

    When Chief Boyd was told of reports that Snooki had driven her car into an Italian Police car while filming on assignment in Italy today, Boyd suggested he'd prefer to handle "typical" summer rowdiness over Snooki and crew.

    Snooki and the Jersey Shore crew filmed their first two seasons in Seaside Heights.