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Hofstra Rape Accuser To Get Counseling, No Jail



    Hofstra Rape Accuser To Get Counseling, No Jail

    The woman who wrongfully accused five men of a gang rape in a dormitory bathroom of Hofstra University will not face jail time, under an agreement with the Nassau County DA.

    The woman behind the false allegations, Hofstra freshman Danmell Ndonye, will have to complete "substantial mental health treatment and lengthy community service requirements" or else face criminal charges,  Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said in a statement.

    The 18-year-old, previously described by the prosecutor as "a deeply troubled woman," had claimed she was attacked following a dance party at a Long Island campus nightclub. Four men were arrested and a fifth was being sought when she recanted the story three days later.

    The turning point in the case came when the woman was confronted with existence of a videotape of the encounter, which indicated the sex had been consensual.

    The four accused men were released two hours after the woman changed her story.

    “There exists no perfect solution to this case, only our best attempt at holding her accountable while encouraging real victims to come forward and accusers to tell the truth so that we can avoid incarcerating an innocent person for even one minute,” said Rice. “This agreement is the only way we guarantee that this woman gets the help that she needs and is held publicly accountable for what she’s done to our community."