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Hoboken SWAT Team Cop In Trouble Again



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    Lt. Angelo Andriani of the Hoboken, N.J., Police Department, with waitresses at a Hooters restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in February 2006. Those were department guns.

    The city of Hoboken's new mayor, Dawn Zimmer, is calling for the suspension without pay of a police lieutenant who caused a disturbance at Tampa International Airport in Florida.

    Lieutenant Angelo Andriani of the Hoboken Police Department was involved in a January 18 incident at a security checkpoint at Tampa International Airport.  Sources say he was annoyed that he had to wait on line to be screened.  According to the Transportation Security Administration, the passenger yelled at TSA officers, complained about the screening process, displayed a badge and said he was a police oficer.  Airport police ran a check on him before allowing him to continue to his flight.

     “Lt. Andriani must be suspended without pay pending the IA investigation,” Mayor Zimmer said. “This type of behavior can not and will not be tolerated and we are taking swift and decisive measures to remedy the actions of this individual.”

    Lt. Andriani is already on a two-year paid suspension from the force following a 2007 SWAT team scandal, which resulted in former Chief of Police Carmen LaBruno's resignation and a lawsuit by five minority Hoboken police officers.  Andriani and other members of the city's SWAT team had gone on a trip to Louisiana to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina. 

    But damaging photos and videos showed the officers in police gear posing with scantily clad waitresses at a Hooters restaurant and doing Jello shots at a bar.

    It has been previously reported that Andriani is paid $11,000 a month while on suspension. Andriani’s suspension is the longest in the history of the Hoboken Police Department.

    The incident at the airport is being investigated separately as a violation of administrative policies related to Lt. Andriani's current suspension.

    In light of the recent incident, Mayor Zimmer is also calling on all parties to expedite the process involving the outstanding investigation involving Lt. Andriani.  "The public has waited long enough for a resolution of this case," said Zimmer, in a statement.