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Hoboken Plagued By Rash of Burglaries in New Year

Traditionally one of New Jersey's safest cities, Hoboken has already seen 24 burglaries in the 12 days since the New Year began



    Hoboken residents were startled to learn that there has already been 24 burglaries in the 12 days since the year began. (Published Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012)

    One of New Jersey's safest cities has already experienced 24 burglaries in less than two weeks of 2012.

    Many of the break-ins happened just a block or two from the bustling main drag of Hoboken's Washington Street. Jewelry, cash and electronics have all been stolen from people's homes, said police.

    "The city's growing, the police department has to grow," said resident Frank Visaggio.

    Investigators indicated the burglars have used some modern tricks, like scanning social media for people posting out-of-town messages.

    "I don't post on Facebook or tweet anything that I'm gonna be away," said Susan Hosterman. "It's radio silence."

    "You would think you shouldn't tell the world you're not gonna be home," added Steve Bond. "Makes you an easy mark."

    Hoboken police recommend some common sense tips to prevent burglaries:

    • Use deadbolt locks
    • Don't use social media to say you're going to be away
    • Don't allow mail or newspapers to pile up

    But Visaggio said ultimately, the city needs more cops.

    "I understand the mayor's got problems with financial budgets, but the one thing you can never cut down on is police," he said.