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Hiram Monserrate's Slashed Girlfriend Sues City for Conspiracy



    Hiram Monserrate's Slashed Girlfriend Sues City for Conspiracy
    What a happy looking couple.

    Former State Senator Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend is suing city workers for $35 million pressuring her to frame her boyfriend for abusing her.

    Karla Giraldo is accusing prosecuters, cops, and hospital workers for conspiring to accuse Monserrate of domestic violence after she got slashed in the face for a glass he was holding, according to court documents obtained by theDaily News. Giraldo insists the cut was an accident.

    "All the defendants conspired among each other and with each other to unlawfully detain and prevent plaintiff from leaving the hospital...until she would falsely accuse her boyfriend of assaulting her," the complaint states.

    Monserrate's name is not mentioned in the 24-page complaint, which accuses the city detectives and  hospital workers for pressuring her into making false statements about her boyfriend, according to the News.

    The complaint also claims that detectives told Giraldo that Monserrate had other girlfriends and that his wife was nearby in order to push her to make negative allegations about Monserrate.

    The former Queens Senator was convicted a year ago for misdemeanor assault for dragging and attacking his girlfriend through his apartment lobby. He was subsequently  expelled from the State Senate a year ago and sentenced to probation and couseling.

    Monserrate had said in his defense that he was trying to bring Giraldo to the hospital for a facial cut he had accidently caused with a broken glass. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

    A spokesman from the city Law Department told the Daily News they would review the legal papers when they are served.

    Domestic abuse isn't the only scandal looming over the disgraced politician's head. Yesterday he appeared in Manhattan Federal Court for allegedly using $100,000 in taxpayer funded charity money towards his campaign for district office.