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New York City and the nation mark 16 years since the Sept. 11 attacks

Students Mark 9/11 Anniversary With Good Deeds



    Students Mark 9/11 Anniversary With Good Deeds

    As the students at Jericho High School busy themselves with sheets of colorful paper, it may seem at first glance they're getting a summertime lesson in arts and crafts.

    But this is no ordinary exercise in creativity. This small group of students is making cards and paper cranes for 9/11 family members as the 10th anniversary nears.

    The items, filled with thoughtful personal messages, will be placed in the family members' seats at the ceremony.

    The school workshop kicks off the Jericho 9/11 Walk, a local event in Nassau County that honors the victims killed on the tragic day through fundraising and charitable acts.

    "It gives like a very good feeling that you're doing something to help the community and doing something to remember such a tragic day but make something good out of it," said Jericho High student Matt Lesser.

    "I think it feels really good to know that you're apart of something that can make such a big difference," said another student, Anjeli Song.

    Jay Winuk, founder of My Good Deed, one of the foundations benefiting from the Jericho 9/11 Walk, and Mary Jo Moriarty, a guidance counselor at Jericho High, are preparing the students for what's now known as 9/11 National Day of Service.

    "We want people to learn the other side of 9/11," said Winuk. "To not to forget those who perished but to also focus on the future generations not to just focus on the attacks."

    Winuk lost his brother Glenn, an attorney and volunteer firefighter, on Sept. 11

    "He helped evacuate his law offices when the towers were hit," said Winuk. "And he grabbed some equipment and ran into the south tower and died when that tower collapsed."

    The students are also signing pledges cards for 9/11 National Day of Service in an effort to help their fellow New Yorkers, whether it's feeding the homeless or something as simple as opening the door for their neighbor.

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