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Have a Jolly, Gotti Christmas!

Former mob boss cooking a holiday feast this year



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    Merry Christmas, Junior!

    It's a holly, Gotti Christmas this year.

    The freshly acquitted mob scion is inviting everyone over for a holiday feast, including the members of the hung jury that got him off the hook in his fourth racketeering trial last month. 

    Former Gambino crime boss John "Junior" Gotti is enjoying his first Christmas home in two years. He says he's cooking dinner for his six kids and his wife, Kim, in their million-dollar mansion in Long Island, and all of the 12 jurors from his most recent mistrial are welcome to join the party, according to the Daily News.

    "My door's open if they want to come," the 45-year-old Gotti told the News. "But we don't even know who they are. It was an anonymous jury."

    We're willing to bet the jurors want to keep it that way. But who knows? It's the holidays.

    Gotti, who's been home free on $2 million bail, told the News he was spending Christmas Eve with his sisters Victoria and Angel.

    After his fourth trial ended in a hung jury in late November, sources indicated it was unlikely that Gotti would be tried for a fifth time, suggesting that the jury pool was tainted. The U.S. Attorney has yet to issue any formal decision on the matter, however.

    Family members claim "Junior" Gotti has been a government target simply because of his last name. The accused mobster, born on Valentine's Day in Queens, led the Gambino crime family for much of the 1990s while his father was in prison.