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Hackensack Police Chief Charged with Fraud



    Hackensack Police Chief Charged with Fraud
    Former Hackensack Police Chief Charles "Ken" Zisa.

    The Hackensack Police Department just lost it's chief to criminal charges.

    The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office will provide temporary oversight of the department, after authorities charged Police Chief Ken Zisa and his former girlfriend, Kathleen Tiernan with insurance fraud.

    An initial court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday.

    The charges followed an investigation into a Feb. 4, 2008 accident.

    The prosecutor's office says Tiernan struck a utility pole while driving a vehicle owned by Zisa. Authorities say the chief arrived a short time later and drove Tiernan away from the scene, preventing police from administering sobriety tests.

    Officials say Zisa and Tiernan also filed an insurance claim that contained a false statement.

    Zisa has not been available for comment.

    It's not immediately clear if they have retained lawyers.