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Cops Shoot, Kill Gunman in Brooklyn



    Cops Shoot, Kill Gunman in Brooklyn

    Police in Brooklyn shot and killed a gunman Thursday during a broad daylight altercation on a Brooklyn street.

    The incident happened in Sunset Park, on the corner of 33rd Street and 5th Avenue,  around 2:15 p.m., police said.

    Plainclothes "Anti-Crime" officers were on patrol when they saw a man who fit the description of a robbery suspect, cops said.

    When the officers pulled their car tot he curb, the suspect approched the driver and displayed a silver .357 caliber handgun which was later found to be loaded, police said.

    The officer in the driver seat then began to struggle for the gun with the suspect -- while his fellow officer in the passenger seat got out of the car and fired one shot, striking the man in the head, police said.

    The suspect was taken to Lutheran Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    The incident is still under investigation.