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Students Cower in Corners at Greenwich High School Lockdown, Nothing Found



    On the day the U.S. Senate took a major step toward new gun control legislation, there were some terrifying moments at a school in Connecticut: Greenwich High School went into lockdown after a report of someone with a gun. It was a false alarm, but what happened inside the school was a chilling reminder of the frightening new world students are living in. Marc Santia reports. (Published Thursday, April 11, 2013)

    Students cowered in corners and pushed desks against doors when Greenwich High School in Connecticut went into lockdown mode for about an hour Thursday, terrifying parents and kids. 

    Police said the lockdown was issued because of suspicious activity, but did not elaborate. After it was lifted just before noon, officials said no gun was found and no one was hurt.

    Students told NBC 4 New York that an announcement came over the PA system telling kids and teachers to "follow code red procedure."

    Teachers locked doors while students huddled in corners, away from windows and doors. In one classroom, students stuffed a doorstop under the door and piled desks against the doorway, a student told NBC 4 New York.

    In another class, they sat in a corner and waited, furiously texting their parents and others outside, memories of the December Connecticut school massacre still in their minds.

    "I was really scared and I was thinking about what happened in Newtown," a 10th-grader told NBC 4 New York.