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Graffiti Gives Guidance to Subway Riders



    Graffiti Gives Guidance to Subway Riders
    Many MTA employees have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime pay.

    Native New Yorker or not, it appears subway riders can sometimes get a little lost when stepping out of a station and onto the street. Not knowing which way is North or South can lead many in the wrong direction. Now, thanks to the help of an anonymous artist, some disoriented straphangers are getting pointed in the right direction.

    An unknown cartologist has sprayed navigational compasses on streets right outside several subway stations. NYC The Bloghas found two of the light blue graphics as of Monday morning. Riders exiting the uptown 6 train station on Spring Street will see one of the sidewalk decals, as will those departing the N R W train station at Prince Street.

    The graphics appear to have been created using a simple stencil and spray can. The images show the viewer which direction is east, west, north and south.

    This isn't the first time sidewalk compasses have appeared in the city. In 2007, the Department of Transportation installed sidewalk decals at various Midtown stations. 

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