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Gov. Corzine Confirms His Views of Christie's Weight

And he thinks he's fat



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    Corzine denies his campaign ad took a jab at Chris Christie's weight.

    If there was ever any question whether New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine thinks his Republican opponent was overweight, there isn't anymore.

    A reporter from Press of Atlantic City asked Corzine if he considered Chris Christie to be fat, during an editorial board meeting captured on video.

    "Excuse me?" Corzine asked, snapping his head towards the brazen questioner.

    "Do you think Chris Christie is fat?" the reporter repeated, point blank.

    The governor patted his pate and asked, "Am I bald?" without missing a beat -- eliciting lots of laughs from other reporters.

    The question stems from a Corzine advertisement that alleges Christie has gotten away with a number of violations, like going the wrong way down a one way street and failing to pay taxes, by "throwing his weight around."

     His weight, of course, being the phrase in question. 

    Corzine insists that the advertisement refers to Christie's position as U.S. Attorney, although the second interpretation of this double entendre is pretty obvious.

    "I don't think we're using it in that context," Corzine said at the editorial meeting. "I don't think that is anything other than identifying the fact that somebody was driving down a one way street, had an auto accident in which a person went to the hospital and somehow he did't come away with points or a ticket. That was the point of that ad."

    If you say so gov.