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Gov Christie: Help Education, Accept a Pay Freeze



    Gov Christie: Help Education, Accept a Pay Freeze
    Gov. Chris Christie

    The blow of the budget axe could be lessened if all public school employees in New Jersey agree to salary freezes and contribute to their health insurance costs, according to Governor Chris Christie.

    Christie spelled out a cost-saving plan Tuesday at Somerville Elementary School, saying layoffs and other cuts could be minimized if local teachers' unions would take another look at their contracts, and agree to forgo scheduled salary increases.

    The raises are usually about four percent.

    "We should put the children first, and that means we will have to sacrifice," Christie said.

    The governor also said he's going to be sending out more information in a letter to the New Jersey School Boards Association and the New Jersey Education Association.

    Last week, Governor Christie unveiled a state budget that slashed funds for nearly every department in order to close an estimated $11 billion dollar budget gap.

    Christie ordered $820 million in school aid cuts, and that's on top of $1 billion dollars in lost federal money.

    School boards across New Jersey have been holding emergency meetings to rework their budgets before an April 20 deadline.