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Weiner Action Dolls Hit Web

One's appropriate for all ages, the other is not.



    Weiner Action Dolls Hit Web
    Hero Builders/AP
    Left is the doll Hero Builders released over the weekend. Right is Rep. Anthony Weiner carrying his laundry to a laundromat near his home in Queens on Saturday.

    Hours after embarrassing photos surfaced of Rep. Anthony Weiner on Sunday, a Connecticut company known for its edgy action figures came out with two versions of the Anthony Weiner doll.

    One is fully covered with “Tweet This” on his shorts. That one goes for $39.95.

    The other is only for adults, according to Hero Builders website, and sells for $49.95.

    Both versions of the dolls will be available for shipping on June 20.

    Action figure Anthony comes out just after Weiner said he would take a leave of absence from Congress to seek professional help amid growing pressure to resign within the Democratic party.

    Oxford-based Hero Builders is responsible for creating a slew of action figures, including Jimmy McMillan, whose New York political campaign was centered around "The Rent is too Damn High" platform, Anna Chapman Spy Girl, Sarah Palin dolls and many more.