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Fraudsters Using Dead People to Collect Pensions: Comptroller



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    Golden statues and precious gems are not unusual things for people to buried a loved with, but nothing compares to the latest technological trend following people into the afterlife.

    New York City has uncovered at least 14 instances of pension fraud totaling $500,000 -- money that had been intended for dead city employees.

    That's according to City Comptroller John Liu, whose office cross-checked pension payments with death records from 2007-2009.

    A study announced Monday found 14 cases in which a dead retiree's pensions checks had been cashed or continued to be deposited in the dead retiree's account.

    The most egregious example: Someone used a dead retiree driver's license to cash 38 pension checks totaling $139,818 after the retiree's death in 2007.

    When the license expired in 2010, it was renewed and the person or persons continued to cash the dead retiree's checks.