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Joe Bruno's Firm Lands Sweet State Deal

Joe Bruno faces federal corruption charges.



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    Former NY State Senator and Republican Majority Leader Joe Bruno makes a point.

    Joe Bruno, the former Republican State Senate majority leader who faces federal corruption charges in November, is back in the news.

    His software-development firm just landed a $22 million deal with the Office of General Services to supply state agencies with software for human resources, possibly the firm’s largest state contract ever, NY Mag's Daily Intel reports.

    Bruno got the CEO position of the Latham-based and little-known software-development company just four days after his July 2008 retirement. The company is run by Kay Stafford, widow of the late Republican state senator Ronald Stafford.

    Government contracts from the state composed nearly half of the firm’s income at the time Bruno first joined.

    A request for an explanation to why the state needed new equipment went unanswered, DI reported.

    CMA spokesman Kris Thompson, who previously worked as a Senate Republican spokesman under Bruno, said Bruno has not made any deals with Albany procurement since taking the job.

    "Joe Bruno has not been involved in any aspect relating to any New York State contracts since joining CMA last year," Thompson told Daily Intel.