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Forgive Me Father McGreevey, For I Have Sinned

The ex-Jersey Gov. is getting closer to priesthood



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    Ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey donned a white robe and helped deliver a sermon at Hoboken's All Saints Church, Sunday.

    How the tables have turned: New Jersey church-goers may soon be confessing their sins to Father Jim McGreevey.

    The disgraced  ex-governor -- who shocked the nation when he abruptly confessed to a homosexual affair -- is set to graduate from General Theological Seminary's Masters of Divinity Program next spring, and in preparation for priesthood, he's spending his weekends warming up at the pulpit, the New York Post reported.

    In 2004, years before the awkward Gov. Elliot Spitzer, and Gov. Mark Sanford press conference confessions, Jim McGreevey, spurned  wife at his side, announced he had been concealing his homosexuality, "engaged in adult consensual affair with another man," and intended to resign the Garden State's chief executive.

    Half-a-decade later, he's spending his Sundays in a white robe, greeting parishioners at Hoboken's Episcopal All Saint's Church and helping with everything from sermons to donation drives.

    Yesterday, McGreevey, 52, snapped photos of newly christened babies and chatted with church-goers who called him "Jim."

    During his time in office, he identified himself as Roman Catholic, an association he traded in for the Episcopal faith, a more liberal branch of Christianity. 

    General Theological Seminary's website says that "a significant number of our students are gay and lesbian.  GLBT persons are also valued and respected members of the seminary's staff and faculty."

    All Saint's Church is also welcoming to members of the gay community.