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Flock of Canada Geese Beaten, Shot in NJ Town

Mayor calls attack "horrendous attack against animals"



    Flock of Canada Geese Beaten, Shot in NJ Town
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    New York City officials euthanize geese in an effort to avoid potential bird strikes.

    More than two dozen Canada geese were found slaughtered near a retention pond in western New Jersey, officials say.

    The 18 geese appeared to have been beaten and shot in the head.

    Mount Laurel Mayor Jim Keenan called the attack "disgusting'' and "a horrendous act against the animals.''

    Moorestown resident Chris Cramer says it appeared many of the geese were chased from the retention pond into an adjoining parking lot, where they were killed.

    Cramer took three injured birds to a wildlife refuge in Medford.

    Police Chief Dennis Cribben Jr. says anyone charged with killing the geese faces a third-degree cruelty to animals charge. A conviction includes fines up to $15,000 and three to five years imprisonment.

    In New York, authorities kill geese in an effort to reduce the potential for bird strikes at area airports, but it's done far more humanely. Last week, wildlife biologists and technicians from the United States Department of Agriculture captured and euthanized nearly 400 Canada geese and goslings.

    It wasn't clear what, if any, purpose the cruel slaughter of the geese in New Jersey intended to serve.