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Flight Paths Change at JFK; More Jets Over Nassau County

But FAA officials say noise levels will increase only slightly .



    Some Long Island communities are angry over an FAA plan to change the flight path for planes out of JFK, redirecting through Long Island. Greg Cergol reports. (Published Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011)

    The number of planes flying over Long Island's North Shore each day could double under a new FAA flight path for aircraft out of John F. Kennedy Airport.

    That new flight path was instituted for the first time Thursday, which could mean more noise overhead for some Nassau County residents.

    "It's going to get worse," said Cathy Madigan, of Glen Cove. "It's bad. I can hear the wheels coming down. Sometimes, I feel like I can touch them."

    The changes will help reduce congestion in the skies and eliminate delays at area airports, according to FAA spokesman Jim Peters.

    "There will be no significant noise impacts created," Peters said.

    Under the new plan, the number of planes pushed over Long Island each day could go as high as 200.

    Westbound planes taking off from JFK will first turn north, heading across Nassau County, before moving west over Long Island Sound and Westchester.

    Before the flight path change, those planes had traveled south over the water before turning west.

    "If it's flying below 5,000 feet, it's going to be noisy, especially on the weekend," said Port Washington resident Steven Adler. "We definitely don't want that."

    Air noise critic Len Schaier has rigged a makeshift contraption in his backyard, complete with a mirror, camera and microphone, to photograph and record aircraft flying over his Port Washington house.

    The 38-year Port Washington resident has long complained about helicopter noise and believes the new flight path for jets will make the skies even noisier.

    "It makes a bad situation even worse," said Schaier.  "The closer the noise is to you, the louder it is."